Tả bộ bàn ghế nhà em (Dàn ý – 5 mẫu) – Tập làm văn lớp 5

Sample essay Describe a set of furniture in grade 5’s house, including a detailed outline and 5 best essays
Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house that are selected and synthesized from my essay writing exercises
5th graders across the country. Hopefully with this sample essay, you will know how
Develop ideas, accumulate more vocabulary to write a good essay on the set of tables and chairs in your house.

Topic: Describe your table and chairs.

Outline Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house

1. Opening lesson

– About my home furniture

2. Body

– Brief description of the table and chairs

+ Set of tables and chairs made of wood or sofa

+ Color, size

+ What details are included: table, recliner, stool?

– Remove the table

+ Table top size, width and height

+ Lines of carved patterns on the table

+ Some good things to put on the table

– Remove the chairs

+ Dimensions and width of the seat

+ Patterns on the armrests

3. Conclusion

– My feelings about my home furniture

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 1

Entering the living room, everyone admired the beautiful table and sofa set in my house. Perhaps, it is beautiful thanks to its vibrant colors and unique design.

From a distance, the table and chairs look like a fleet of boats surrounding the island. But this fleet is very special because there are only two large boats and one small boat, which are identical and are made of soft fabric and hard cushions. Two chairs include two colors black and red. Black covers the outside, and red is the seat surface to sit on. Vibrant red makes my house more spacious and bright.

Each boat is three small chairs connected together, one end is square and the other is tapered. Two chairs are arranged side by side, forming a V shape, which looks very nice. The V-shaped top is a small chair. The chair leg consists of four hard iron bars, protruding out, supporting the entire body of the chair. These legs help the chair stay in one place.

Every time I sit, the chair gives me a comfortable feeling. Sisters often sit to watch movies or play on this set of chairs. Sometimes we even fell asleep on the couch. The island in the middle of the boat is the table. The hard plastic table, mysterious black, is shaped like a semi-circle, looks very beautiful. The table also has a support like the chair.

My mother laid out a set of transparent glass cups and a small vase of beautiful fake flowers on the table. Every day, I often help my mother clean the table and chairs with a soft bristled broom.

I really like my “boat” furniture set. It is small, neat but extremely fancy and unique. Tables and chairs are the place where my family gathers together after a long day of work and study.

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 2

Last week, my family bought a new set of tables and chairs. Elegant shiny sofa set. Sit down very quietly, really like.

My sofa set has four chairs and a table in the middle. That alone took up a lot of space in the living room. From a distance, the table and chairs look like a small family, happily gathered. The chairs were quite large, reaching my chest height. Everyone wears a very nice cream leather jacket.

The leather jacket covered her legs. Their skin is soft, very cool when pressed against their cheeks, especially the smell of new skin. Every time I sit down, I feel calm. Resting your head on the back of the chair is like resting your head on a mother’s lap, gentle and refreshing. Sometimes I even fell asleep on the couch. At the edge of the chair, the armrest is a smooth, pale yellow piece of wood. Sitting on a chair with your hands there is very cool.

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The chair legs are sturdy with black hard plastic pieces that look like cozy shoes. Each chair has a cushion of the same color, sometimes to sit on, sometimes to lean back, very convenient. Bought a few days ago, my mother sewed a new outfit for the chairs. Mom bought the plaid fabric, made it into a very nice coat, which would fit them very well. Sometimes, my mother takes that coat to wash to keep the leather inside fresh and fragrant for a long time.

Lying between the chairs is a table that is no less haughty, somewhat more splendid. The table is rectangular, quite long and wide. Table top made of glass should look bright and clear. The table leg is a round silver stainless steel frame, very sturdy. That frame is designed quite sophisticatedly with meandering lines, with curves like a rainbow.

The four table legs are also round, flat and sturdy shoes. On the table was a white embroidered towel and a vase of fragrant lilies. It further enhances the beauty of the already proud table. Surrounded by chairs, the table became the center of attention, so I always cleaned it without a single spot.

After working hard all day, after dinner, my family gathered in the living room, on this sofa, happily chatting. Leaning against the arm of the chair, tilting your head back, slowly straightening your legs and closing your eyes, you feel as comfortable as being massaged on a magic chair. That set of tables and chairs is not only for sitting, relaxing, but also a place to bring everyone in the house together.

Thanks to its special “care” that everyone is comfortable, relieved and more peaceful after stressful working hours. The new set of tables and chairs has completely conquered everyone in my family. Not only because of its luxurious beauty but also because it is the bridge of loving hearts.

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 3

My house has a lot of furniture in which the table and chairs are the place where my family often sits, drinks and talks the most. So it is very close, elegant and also shows the sophistication of the owner.

The table and chairs are made of pine wood. Skilled craftsmen have closed and made a beautiful and very attractive set of tables and chairs. The set of tables and chairs is made up of different pieces. The image of the table and chairs has created a deep impression for the first time meeting. The table is solidly made and painted in gold, decorated with clear patterns and creates many impressions. Its color gamut exudes luxury.

The surface of the flat table and chairs is decorated and polished in the middle with elaborate patterns and lines. The table has flexible lines and is made very carefully, it has four very solid legs and creates private and extremely close spaces for people.

The lines of this table are decorated in the direction of modern crafts, each line is drawn like a phoenix dancing a dragon. All show elegance and closeness. The chair is solidly made with a backrest and is also carefully made with a golden tone that creates an elegant atmosphere and it has a strong influence on people.

I really like the table and chairs in my family because it is close and shows the traditional beauty, bringing comfortable moments when sitting on them.

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 4

Each object has a different shape and different characteristics. Today, my father just bought my house a set of tables and chairs to serve as a place to receive guests, I danced with joy when I saw that set of tables and chairs. So from now on, my house has a new set of tables and chairs, I feel so happy.

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That set of tables and chairs has a dark yellow color, the bee yellow color, not the bright yellow, looks so luxurious. The set of tables and chairs has four chairs and a table. The longest chair was laid out horizontally against the wall of my house. Look at him like a king in the house with his large figure and luxurious golden robe. Two single chairs are more square than it is not long or rectangular but can also accommodate two people to sit in them. It’s really beautiful, plus there’s another small chair, not reclining, but simply an ordinary chair, but the lower part is still engraved with carvings like other large chairs. A table in the middle, a rectangle a little higher than the seats in it is so beautiful. Wow, just looking at it makes me feel so happy.

The beautiful carvings on the chair are the images of flowers on the backrest of the chair, the flowers are engraved on the surface of the backrest but are very thin and do not cause us pain when we sit on it. The recliners also have two armrests when sitting, the two places bulge out and look so beautiful. Like a chair for the old mandarins and kings to sit. Below the images of dragons and phoenixes carved on the highest fulcrums, looking at the soft lines, you can see the virtuosity of the artisans’ hands. With such huge, rough logs, they can still carve such beautiful dragons and phoenixes. It is not as rigid as a log, but as soft as a real dragon. The part to rest the head is made soft and smooth, making anyone leaning on it also feel comfortable and not have a headache.

That new set of tables and chairs is really beautiful, it not only fills the void in my own house, but it also brings affluence and completeness. Looking at another room with a new set of furniture is really beautiful and luxurious. That night, after eating, my whole family sat together on that chair to watch good movies. It seems that sitting on that chair, I saw the movie that day was better than seeing the family have a not small happiness. My younger brother wasn’t sure if it was my chair so he fell asleep at some point. He rested his head on his mother’s lap and slept soundly. My parents and I sat down to watch the whole movie without stopping from time to time to look at the lines on the chair. Mom teases dad and laughs happily.

I feel that the new set of tables and chairs has connected my family, helping my family have a wonderful and happy space together.

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 5

The wooden sofa set with flowers in the living room is a souvenir of my grandfather. On his retirement day, the agency just gave him this sofa set. Now he is gone, but the memory of him and the table and chairs remains forever.

The salon has just been polished to a dark brown color, the color of 20 years is odd. To this day, the sofa is still the most valuable thing in the family. The sofa set is placed in the middle of the house. The table top is placed on a very beautiful stained glass, weighing up to two people to move. The leftmost chair is where he sits reading newspapers, drinking tea and receiving guests.

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He did not know how to smoke pipes and cigarettes, so on the table was only a set of teapots of wet pants and six cups arranged neatly on a large green enamel plate. The image of him sitting and making tea, drinking tea every morning while his children and grandchildren are dreaming. His hair was white, he leaned back in his chair, looking at his kind face so beautiful.

Dad cleans the sofa once or twice a day. Parents plan to hire a painter to re-varnish the sofa to make it beautiful. For him, the sofa is the love of comradeship, the love of fighting. Every time officers and soldiers from the old unit came to visit him, the salon was the gathering place of many comrades-in-arms, extremely close comradeship.

As for the present and future descendants, the sofa is a sacred keepsake of the beloved father and grandfather. Every time I was sent by my father to wash the dishes, when I put them on the sofa, I would think back to seeing him sitting and drinking tea every morning and every afternoon.

As the years have passed, the warm roof of my family still holds many fond memories of my grandparents. This lovely little garden with vegetables, flower pots, a tiled corner of the yard, a rainwater tank and a wooden sofa set with flowers is like the voice of the prophet coming to the children’s hearts every morning and every afternoon. , especially on the anniversary of Tet.

Describe the set of tables and chairs in my house – model 6

My family often gathers to chat with each other after a day of work and study in the living room. For me, the closest and most lovely, sharing all the joys and sorrows in my family is the living room sofa set.

The sofa set consists of two long chairs connected to form an L, occupying a corner of the living room. Brown upholstered wooden sofa. The armrest of the chair is fifteen centimeters wide, smooth and square. The backrest of the chair is slightly tilted back, about two inches higher than the armrest. The seat is low, but the pedestal is raised thanks to two thick foam mattresses upholstered in silver gray velvet.

Each backrest of a corner section of the sofa has two long pillows, upholstered in milky white leaf-patterned felt fabric. Layers of white lace curtains make the sofa look luxurious. Wooden sofa table, brown glass top, placed between two sofa corners. The salon table has a small floor at the foot of the table, which is bright stainless steel bars, where it is very convenient to put a few newspapers.

On the table, her mother spread a tablecloth embroidered with blood-colored roses. The bright and elegant sofa table matches the vase of fresh flowers placed on it. My father used to sit reading the newspaper on the sofa. I like to snuggle up to the back of the chair because it’s immaculately soft. The soft velvet fabric of the pillow caresses the skin, both cool and warm, very comfortable. In the evening, the whole family gathered under the chandelier in the living room, I felt so peaceful and happy.

The salon not only shares daily joys and sorrows with my family, it also witnesses memorable anniversaries: my mother’s birthday, Tet holiday. The sofa set was also filled with excitement and excitement when Dad met with friends. It opened its arms to hug me after a day of studying at school, it became as close as blood relatives. Therefore, I always wipe it clean, take good care of it so that it is always new.

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